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About us is a service for writing essays, term papers, articles, biographies, and other homework assignments for students. Our authors create 100% unique content that is written exactly according to your requirements. Each of our authors has 2 higher educations. The first is linguistic, the second is special (economic, medical, technical, etc.). The minimum experience of a writer is 3 years. Real professionals will work for you. But that’s not the only reason why is worth paying attention to. mission

We want to make the life of college students and students more fun and varied. Agree, it’s a shame to spend your best years on constant study, poring over textbooks at night, on endless exams and sessions.

Let’s say you want to become a doctor. It is extremely important for you to prepare for the surgery exam. This is your number one priority. On the other hand, before the surgery exam, you will have a US history test. This is priority number two for you. And you just don’t have time to write an essay about the Civil War of 1861-1865! What to do?

Authors of will write an abstract on history for you, and with high quality and on time. Do you need an abstract in 3 hours? Not a problem! We will fulfill an urgent order even in such a short time because a group of specialists will work on the abstract. They divide the abstract into several parts, and each performer writes his part at the same time as the others.

In the same way, we are ready to facilitate the study of any student, to take part in his load on ourselves. And since students are just starting an independent financial life, the prices for essays and term papers are low ($ 12-50 per page).

We want to create a world where writing skills are no longer a barrier to effective communication. This is the main principle when writing essays by our authors. And for this, we have created a team of professionals who are responsible for their work, adhere to deadlines, and are constantly improving in their field.

We want to be the best essay writing service. Therefore, we strive to effectively train our writers, to grow them into real aces in their field.

How to check the quality of work in

You can download one of our essays completely free of charge. So you will be convinced of the quality of the work. Download your essay for free here.

How our authors work

When the order is taken into work, the writer studies the topic from several sources of literature. There must be at least 4 sources of literature:

  • 2 books.
  • 2 scientific or popular science journals.

References will be listed at the end of the essay or course work. We strictly adhere to the formatting of the bibliography in accordance with the requirements of colleges and universities. As a rule, these are standard design requirements.

Then the author examines the selected sources of literature, borrows quotations from there (if the task requires it). The next step is to create the structure of the text and write the introductory part. If this is an essay, a statement (thesis) must be followed at the end of the introduction.

After the author has completely written the essay, he formats it according to the student’s requirements, adds graphs, tables, diagrams (if necessary), as well as photographs and images. When the title page is ready, the author submits the finished essay for proofreading and editing. Only after editing the text is sent to the customer. is a service you can completely trust. Save your time – order your essay writing from us!